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We are not racist, but when it comes to teeth we all like it WHITE! Not just like it, we love it-the whiter, the better. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with sparkling pearly white teeth. Thanks to evolution of dental materials which have allowed use of quick and effective whitening gels which bring out the whitest shade of natural teeth without being harsh on them. Whitenning can also be done at home but it is best to undergo treatment under supervision of experienced dental professional.

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Loss of teeth can have very devastating effect on anyone, be it young or old. Replacements can be possible by removable prosthesis or fixed crown and bridges. The latest alternative is dental implant, a substitute which can be grafted in the bone and can function as close to your natural teeth as possible .It can replace a single tooth or support multiple teeth or denture. This technology also makes it possible to fabricate dentures with better retention for patients with poor bone support .Another advantage is that conventional technique to replace missing teeth mandates removing some portion of neighbouring natural teeth, where as in implants, the remaining healthy teeth are not touched. A multidisciplinary approach by team of oral maxillofacial surgeon who understands the oral anatomy and surgical implications of implant, a prosthodontist with complete knowledge of technical implications of implant together with the lab technician who moulds the end result to give strength, aesthetics and functionality to the implant.


Silver or Amalgam as it is called has been the materials of choice for dental fillings for many decades, but silver fillings look conspicuous and unpleasant especially when there are multiple fillings . Dental materials have evolved to present a plethora of white filling materials which can be used restore decayed or lost tooth structure. These materials have excellent aesthetics. The fillings can be customized to each ones unique dentition in terms of shade and translucency, So much so that the filling blends completely with the natural teeth and is difficult to demarcate. Cosmetic fillings contribute hugely to Smile makeover.

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Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the overall appearance of cases with Protruding teeth, Crowded teeth, Overlapping teeth ,and Spaces between teeth. Brackets are glued on teeth surface and wires and elastics are used to apply gentle pressure on teeth and align them correctly. This treatment can may take anywhere between 1 to 3 years, involves many food restrictions , causes discomfort due to presence of brackets and also entails an unaesthetic appearance during treatment. Invisible Aligners are a boon to such cases as treatment with them takes relatively less time when compared to conventional orthodontic treatment. It is a most aesthetic alternative without compromising on the treatment outcome.


Milk teeth are special as they are the first introduction of the child to the world of dental care and lay down the foundation of strong permanent dentition. By virtue of their delicate structure,they are more vulnerable to carious attack. This has lead. Besides this Improper dietary habits and ignorance of hygiene measures for the child may further contribute to cavities.Thorough knowledge of the anatomy, deep understanding of child behavior together with loads of patience is required for treatment of these challenging cases. A warm child friendly atmosphere and smooth treatment ensures a pleasant memory of dental visitfor the child.It is imperative that children carry these pleasant memories for future dental treatments.

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We are living in the era of doorstep services and home deliveries of everything under the sky. Be it a haircut or a pizza,WE LIKE IT DELIVERED TO OUR DOORSTEP.Our fast paced life may not leave us time to visit the dentist.Our team of skilled dentists coupled with special equipment designed for home visits make way to you when it is difficult for you to approach us.they can render the same dental treatment as given in clinic to physically challenged, bedridden or even the apprehensive patients who find it more comfortable to undergo treatment in the relaxed atmosphere of their home. If you take the initiative,we can deliver smiles!!

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