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In today’s ever changing face of Dentistry, Quality Dental care is difficult to find. It is even more difficult to undergo long dental treatments. We dare to be different from the traditional fear inducing dental clinic set up with long waiting queues. Dental Xpress integrates the expertise of their team of experienced doctors with the latest technology to give fast track dental care. And may we say – ANYWHERE with our unique and revolutionary concept, we can bring a range of dental treatments at your doorstep with our customized portable equipments.

Teeth Whitening Treatment at Dental Xpress

Teeth Whitening

We are not racist, but when it comes to teeth we all like it WHITE! Not just like it, we love it-the whiter, the better.

Dental Implants Treatment at Dental Xpress

Dental Implants

Loss of teeth can have very devastating effect on anyone, be it young or old. Replacements can be possible by removable prosthesis or fixed crown and bridges. 

Cosmetic Fillings Treatment at Dental Xpress

Cosmetic Fillings

Silver or Amalgam as it is called has been the material of choice for dental fillings for many decades, but silver fillings look conspicuous and unpleasant especially when there are multiple fillings .

Invisible Braces Treatment at Dental Xpress

Invisible Braces

Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the overall appearance of cases with Protruding teeth, Crowded teeth, Overlapping teeth ,and Spaces between teeth.

Child Dentistry Treatment at Dental Xpress

Child Care Dentistry

Milk teeth are special as they are the first introduction of the child to the world of dental care and lay down the foundation of strong permanent dentition.

What our Patients say

"We were pleasantly surprised to have come across this revolutionary concept of a Dental Clinic in a suitcase. The Dental Xpress team conducted a checkup and cleaning of teeth for all the employees of Startech Engineers at our office. Also fillings of some were done using their special portable Dental equipment. Our staff was smiling at the end of the day."

"I was lucky to find Dental Xpress on my way to my jewellery store. I have many dental clinics near my residence but no time to go for dental treatment. I was happy that due to their flexible timings and convenient location I could get my treatment done without wasting anytime." 

"My over demanding work schedule made it impossible for me to go to a dentist. To add to my already existing dental problems I met with an freak accident and I suffered a tooth fracture. I called up Dental Xpress and explained my situation. As a Dental emergency my appointment was fixed immediately and I was treated promptly. It was indeed an Xpress Service."

We create your Dream Smile :-)

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